Server Icon

How to set a icon for your Minecraft Server!


  1. You need an image that is 64 x 64 pixels. (Try using to resize your icon/image if it isn't!)

  2. The image must be in PNG format.

  3. The image must be named server-icon.png.


Start by either connecting your server via SFTP or in the 'files' tab on the web panel. If you're unsure how to manage your files, check out our page on file management.

Once you have gone to the files tab (or successfully connected to your server via SFTP), upload your 64 x 64 server icon named server-icon.png to your server's home directory. This means that it should not be uploaded into any particular folder!

After you've successfully uploaded the file, just restart your server and the changes should be applied. Enjoy your server's new icon!

By @icewaffles

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