File Management

How to access and manage your server files!

Web Panel

You can head on over to the files tab on your server panel. From there, you can check the box next to the file to perform any action on it (e.g. delete the file) or click into files to edit its contents (e.g. if you wanted to modify the config.yml of a plugin).


There are several SFTP clients, with some commonly used examples being WinSCP and FileZilla. To access your server files via SFTP, start by heading over to the settings tab, where you should see the details. Simply open your SFTP client, plug the correct details in right places and you're good to go!

For example, if you were using FileZilla, it should look something like this:


If an IP address has a colon in the end which followed by numbers, that would be the port. In this case, because the host address is s, the port is just 2022.

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