Importing Servers

Want to transfer your data from your old server to us? Here's how!


Server importing should be relatively easy and simple, but you have to make sure you do every step properly to ensure smooth sailing. Once imported, every single server file will be transferred - this includes player data, plugin data, world configurations, to name a few. The only changes you may need to make after transferring is to re-setup your domain and/or to make some port changes.

Importing With Staff Help


Beware of file corruption! Don't modify any files or start your server (on either your old server or on your Ember Host server) whilst we're importing. If you're wondering if it's safe to do something, feel free to ask us.

  1. Start by stopping your (old) server. This is crucial to prevent any type of file corruption. Then, if your server is relatively large (e.g. over 20GB), zip/archive all your files. That will make the importing process much faster!

  2. Create a ticket on our discord and send your FTP or SFTP details, including your host, port, username and password. Do also specify if using FTP or SFTP.

  3. You're done! We'll start importing your server as soon as possible. Do not start your server (on either your old host or Ember Host) until we let you know that the import is done!

  4. Once we let you know your server is imported, you can reconfigure anything needed - which should only be ports and/or your domain, if anything.

  5. Start your server! Everything should now be working.

We recommend also scheduling sufficient downtime with your community! This way, you'll have enough time to test and check that everything is working before you re-open your server to the public.

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