Want a custom server address/IP? Look no further!


By purchasing a domain, you can make your server look more professional and make its connection details far easier to remember! The list of recommended domain registrars are as follows:

Cloudflare | GoDaddy | Namecheap | Porkbun

However, the guide below will be using Cloudflare's terminology.

A Record Setup

Once you have purchased your domain, head over to your registrar and add a new DNS record while selecting A Record. Then, put any value in the box under Name and put in the server's numerical IP as the value it will point to. Remember to leave TTL to automatic. If you're using Cloudflare, remember to turn the proxy status (orange cloud) off. That's all! Just wait a while until the DNS propagates and you'll be able to join your server with your very own subdomain!


The word you choose to put in the Name section will decide your subdomain. If you owned, and you put the word play in the host box, your subdomain that players can use connect to your server would then be

SRV Record Setup

Alternatively, if you do not have a dedicated IP, you can follow these steps. Follow the setup instructions above first to setup A Record, then add a new DNS record and select SRV. Your service should be _minecraft, the protocol TCP, TTL on auto, and priority and weight 0. Replace the port field with the port that your server uses, and replace the target field with the subdomain/domain your server uses - it should be what you set the A Record to be. You're finished! Now you should be able to connect to your server using anything.example.domainending - you will also no longer need the port when connecting.

Ember Host Subdomain

If you do not want to purchase a domain to customise your server join address, you can still do it for free by using our subdomains feature directly in our panel! Simply head to the subdomains section on the sidebar and type in whatever you want to let players to connect with (

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