How to get more players on your server!

How to get players on your Minecraft server

We all know that playing on a Minecraft Server with no players online is boring. And we all know that most server owners dream of having not only the best Minecraft server, but the biggest one too! So, we've compiled a list of things you can do and set up to help advertise and grow your server.


Server Lists

The easiest and arguably the most effective way to get players on your Minecraft Server is by posting your server on a public server list. Minecraft Server Lists are essentially popular websites which lists servers for new players to find and join! Apart from having sponsored slots, these are largely broken down by the highest amount of votes: you can climb the lists and rank higher by setting up a voting plugin.

Even if you're not ranked at the top, lists generally will put your server into a category called “New Servers” when you first add your server. This gives your new server a bump and you might just see an influx of members on the first day that you upload it to lists. Expect a snowball effect: once you start up your community, these players will advertise your server to their friends, vote for your server, and play on it, all of which will only further boost your playercount.

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Voting Plugin & NuVotifier

As mentioned above, if you have added your Minecraft Server to a server list, voting is going to be one of the most vital parts of your server. Many server owners will set up rewards for the player base if they vote - this creates a huge demand for players to vote each day - in turn, it helps your server climb the ranking on Minecraft server lists.

If you want to set up voting on your server, you will need to use and set up VotingPlugin and NuVotifier.

Social Media

Another effective way to advertise is by pushing your server out there through social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or even Reddit.

Creating short and fun clips showing off your server - or even following trends for server promotion - can be highly effective if used correctly on video platforms. Alternatively, using longer form content, like server trailers, might also work well on YouTube. Not only does it promote your server, but as you post more content, you gather an audience - whether that be followers or subscribers - meaning as time goes on, your content will reach more and more people.

As for Reddit, posting a description of your server as an advert on many subreddits dedicated to advertising may also work well. It all depends on how unique, fun, and interesting your server is! Remember, these forms of advertising are free for anyone to use: how much time and effort you put in will likely translate to how successful you'll be.


Probably the most vital part of having a successful server is simply having proper development. Just as you wouldn't want to play on a server that’s poorly made, neither would others. Having only a large outreach is not enough, as these players won't stick around for very long if your server doesn't have a strong setup. So take your time to craft your server well before releasing it to the public!

There's countless game modes you can choose from, and you'd do even better if you go down the routes of adding a unique twist and blend of features: this is what will set you apart from others.

Here at Ember Host, we understand how difficult it can be to set up a successful Minecraft server. That is why this documentation page exists, and you can easily recieve support from either our knowledgable community or dedicated staff at any time of day in our Discord. Good luck with your server!

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