How to setup automatic schedules for your server!


Head over to the Ember Host panel and click on schedules on the sidebar. The page you see should show you a list of all existing schedules that will run.

To create a new schedule, click the button that reads Create Schedule and set a name for it. Then, set how often it will run - if you're confused, try toggling on the button that reads Show Cron Cheatsheet for help.

Once created, click into the schedule on the main list and click New Task. Now, you can just set whatever task you want to run on the tiems you schedules earlier. You can also specify a delay, so tasks don't all run at once. A good use for this is first sending a broadcast out to your players to let them know your server is about to restart, and have the server actually restart after the broadcast is sent.


Here is an example of an automatic daily restart done with schedules.

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